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An affordable electric bike in the “mountain bike” style, the Miclon Cybertrack 100 is the perfect choice. However, its average performance did not distinguish it from its competitors in our testing. In addition, the 350W motor and 374Wh battery of this Class 2 model provide a good range of travel. Our recommendation is to stick to smooth paved/gravel roads and trails due to its “suspension” fork and slightly knobby tires. Although it has a somewhat limited range of rider fit compared to other models we tested, we found its handling to be relatively good and the rider comfort to be good. A bike like this is a good buy if you don’t want to spend more money but still can’t justify it.

Results of our analysis and tests

There are several bikes under the Miclon brand, including the Cybertrack 100. A 28-inch wheel with slightly knobby tires, 26-inch wheels, and a suspension fork makes this affordable model a “mountain bike.”. Powered by a 350W motor, this Class 2 model ranges from 15 to 20 mph and has a 374Wh battery. The performance of this versatile model surprised us despite the fact that it looked a bit cheap. We are most concerned about its limited fit range, with a recommended height range of 4’11” to 5’9″. As a starter electric bike for kids or those on a budget, it performs quite well when compared to a selection of the best affordable electric bikes.

Take a ride

We had low expectations for the Miclon’s ride given its cheap look and feel. While it didn’t quite meet our top-rated models’ smoother ride feel, we’re glad to report that those expectations were exceeded. This rating metric gave it an average score.

Miclon made the Cybertrack 100 look like a mountain bike by giving it a suspension fork and knobby tires. In spite of its appealing look, we wouldn’t recommend taking it anywhere rougher than paved roads, gravel roads, and dirt trails. There is a bit of knobbyness on the tires, but they are still quite narrow and don’t offer the grip you might need for mountain bike trails, and there is a suspension fork to help smooth out bumps and cracks. There is no doubt that the fork is better than nothing, but in terms of functionality, it doesn’t provide much. Additionally, we found the bike to be easy to maneuver and responsive to rider input, though its stability at speed isn’t quite as good as that of larger wheels and longer wheels.

Despite its budget-conscious component specification, the Cybertrack 100 features a suspension fork that is very functional and affordable. We found it works just fine for everyday riding. It won’t turn any heads, but it’s not a show stopper either. There is plenty of gears to choose from in case you run out of battery during a ride despite the 21-speed drivetrain. During testing, the mechanical disc brakes performed admirably, despite not having the strongest power. For the price, it isn’t all that surprising that it doesn’t come with any added features. Our recommendation is to buy some quality bike lights if you plan on riding at night.

A recommended user height range of 4’11” to 5’9″ is given for the Cybertrack 100, which supports a maximum weight capacity of 309 lbs. We found it to be a bit too big for our 6-foot-tall tester, since it is a bike designed for shorter riders. We put it to the test with some shorter riders, and it fit much better. Due to its mountain bike-esque looks, it has a very low handlebar and a somewhat aggressive geometry. In most cases, we found this bike to be comfortable enough for most situations, despite not being a comfort cruiser. Even during our hour-plus range test, we found the seat to be fairly comfortable due to its medium width and moderate padding.

The range of

A higher score in this metric was achieved by the Miclon in our range testing than expected. Despite its small size, it has a large battery with a power output of 374 Wh (36V 10.4Ah). We were surprised by its respectable range test performance even though it wasn’t the best.

Using the throttle mode, Miclon claims the Cybertrack 100 can travel 21-30 miles. This was tested on the standardized course using the throttle alone, as we always do for range tests. In total, we gained and lost 929 feet of elevation while riding our test bike for 18.2 miles. Approximately one hour and 12 minutes were needed to complete this test at an average speed of 15.1 mph. While it’s a little short of Miclon’s low-end range, we doubt it couldn’t reach 21 miles without rolling hills on our test course. In addition, we believe that with a bit of effort, the rider could easily extend this bike’s range significantly.

A powerful force

This bike’s 350W Bafang rear hub motor gives it an average score in this metric, as do the majority of other budget bikes. With its 26-inch wheels, it accelerates very quickly thanks to its smaller size despite being a Class 2 model.

In a series of acceleration tests, we were pleasantly surprised with a time of 12 seconds for 0-20 mph. It was so surprising, in fact, that we repeated it several times to make sure it was accurate. Whenever you twist the throttle, you feel the pickup almost instantaneously, and the car feels eager to accelerate. It also achieved 14.5 mph on the steepest part of our test hill before slowed down to about 12 mph. Despite its low price, it performed better than several more expensive bikes. Additionally, over the course of 18.8 miles of riding with some gradual hills, the vehicle maintained an average speed of 15.1 mph. Despite nothing being great, it wasn’t terrible.

You can shift up the pedal assist levels on the Cybertrack 100 with incremental increases in speed and support. It felt smooth to pedal, with a cadence sensor that delivered the same amount of power no matter how hard you pedaled. On flat ground, shifting between support levels was pretty seamless, and we were able to reach the 20 mph assisted top speed pretty easily.

The interface

In comparison to most other models, we found the Cybertrack 100‘s user interface to be a bit underwhelming. Despite the small screen and poor ergonomics, everything works fine. Chargers are relatively standard, and the battery is removable.

In the right grip is a twist throttle that works well, but thumb paddles are generally preferred. By the left grip, the display and controls are combined. With + and – buttons either side of the power button, the three buttons across the bottom are intuitive and easy to use. It is difficult to reach the + button with the thumb because the buttons are across the bottom of the display. It has a relatively small screen measuring 58 x 1-18 inches, but it still reads well. A large number shows the current speed, a number shows the pedal assist setting, and a graph of a battery charge with 5 bars is shown in the upper left corner.

Powered up the bike and display requires turning on the power switch on the battery, which sits on the frame’s downtube. There is a swiveling cover covering the charging port next to the power switch. You can easily remove the battery to secure it or charge it off the bike using the keys.

The Assembly

We found that assembling the Miclon was not particularly challenging, but it took a little longer than our other testing models. Cybertrack 100 arrives mostly assembled with only a few steps to complete its assembly. Like most direct-to-consumer bikes, it arrives mostly assembled. As a whole, it took about 45 minutes to get it ready to ride.

In comparison with the heaviest models we tested, the Cybertrack 100 weighs just under 50 pounds, so it’s a little easier to transport and remove from a box. As part of the assembly process, the protective packing materials must be removed. All parts of the bike are pre-assembled, including the frame, fork, and rear wheel, as well as a tool box. A YouTube video and printed instructions are included, as well as assembly instructions. The instructions should be followed closely. Once the handlebars are attached, the brake rotors are attached to the front wheel, the front wheel is installed, the seatpost is installed (the seat comes pre-attached), pedals are attached, and the derailleur protector is attached. The handlebars and seat may also need to be adjusted, the tires may need to be pumped up, and the brakes may need to be recentered. Due to the adjustable kickstand, we also needed to extend it slightly to reach the correct height. You’re nearly done once you’ve charged the battery, fitted it to the cradle, and connected the battery to the computer.

Is the Miclon Cybertrack 100 worth buying?

Although it doesn’t look great, the Cybertrack 100 is a serviceable and affordable electric bike that gets the job done. The power and range of this battery surprised our testers despite its appearance. The bike is an affordable and versatile option if you are on a budget, and if you fit the bike’s height range. Investing a bit more is recommended if you can afford a higher-quality option.

Is there anything else I should consider when it comes to e-bikes?

In the budget e-bike category, we recommend the Ride1Up Core-5 for just a few hundred dollars more. Pedal-assist or throttle control can enable Class 3 speeds of up to 28 mph on this bike with a super-powerful 750W motor. There is a step-over and step-through (tested) frame option, as well as a sleek-looking, battery-integrated frame. The 27.5-inch wheels and wide tires give it a super comfortable and smooth ride. Moreover, it has the longest range in our test thanks to its 500 Wh battery. Would you like to know more about folding models? With its wide knobby tires and suspension fork, the Lectric XP 2.0 provides a high level of versatility at a very reasonable price. In addition, the 500W motor provides some power and the 460 Wh battery provides a good range. It is also capable of Class 3 speeds (28 mph) and comes with a 460Wh battery. As a result of its foldable design, it takes up very little space when stored or transported.


  • Miclon only authorizes “Miclon Direct” stores.
  • 2X FASTER CHARGE: This 36V/10.4ah lithium-ion battery has a 3H fast charging function, allowing you to start your next trip immediately after charging. The large capacity of the battery also contributes to its 30-37 mile range. Additionally, the battery can be removed and locked, making charging on/off the bike convenient.
  • With a top speed of 20mph and a 350W BAFANG brushless motor, this bike is a powerhouse. Compared to other normal motors, BAFANG motors are one of the best e-bike motors because they have higher output efficiency and require less maintenance.
  • For a more comfortable riding experience, the front suspension fork is well-designed and high-strength to effectively absorb shocks. With less fatigue and smoother riding, you will have an enjoyable riding experience regardless of terrain.
  • SECURE: Enhanced solidity and durability with lightweight aluminum alloy frame. Non-slip tires provide better grip in rainy weather. Even in wet weather, the disc brakes enable precise and instant braking. Light rain is no problem for IPX4 water-resistant batteries.
  • The bike companion provides you with three modes to choose from: throttle (ebike), pedal-assist, and normal bike. Whether you are exploring new trails outdoors, exercising, or rushing into work or errands, these adult electric bicycles will always be your most reliable companion.
  • It comes with 85% pre-assembled parts so you don’t have to worry about assembly or support. Hands-on fun is left for you with a few simple parts. The product page includes a video guide. The first year of quality is guaranteed. The Miclon lifetime technical support program is also included.


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