Do you know that the ecommerce market is hoping to reach US$ 200 billion by 2026? India is a focal point for ecommerce business and it is reaching to each corner of the world. In this way it is a necessary need to learn about the detailing of ecommerce and get along with it. In such case if you do not particularly have a clue about what ecommerce business is, there is a zero chance that you have not heard anything about it. For beginners, the world is going crazy over ecommerce!

Electronic commerce or e-commerce is a business framework that lets organizations and people advertise, purchase and sell their brand or products over the internet. To help you understand the working of ecommerce, here are some type of ecommerce to get into more detail:

  1. Business to consumer
  2. Consumer to consumer
  3. Consumer to business
  4. Business to Business

E-commerce business which can be directed over advanced gadgets such as pcs, tablets, or cell phones outcast a look of a digital version of traditional way of mail-order catalog shopping. Almost each product or service you think or want to buy will get in your hands through e-commerce transactions, such as makeup, accessories, gadgets, music, air tickets and monetary services like investing of stocks and digital banking. In short it is considered as a wild technology that has put the world on individual’s hand.


Are you person who had a dream of running his own business since childhood? Have you ever wondered that how fascinating it will look to let your business attract people worldwide?

If you are the one who have spent a good amount of time thinking and wanting all this, Ecommerce business is the right answer for you.  No matter how many decisions you have to make or go through rough and tough, online sales through ecommerce are the best fit!

We will be stating some core points that why should you with online business while beginning out:

  1. EASY ON THE POCKET: When you are thinking of coming up with a business, typically the largest obstacle in your way is the cost. It requires a heavy investment. Renting a ware house or shop, hiring staff, maintenance costs and several other expenses will always make you go crazy. But to handle it quite easily, online business is here for you. Ecommerce websites or building an ecommerce store will lessen your burden. It will help you in a way that you can start your start your business even with your savings. You just have to find out a best ecommerce platform and you are good to go!
  2. WORK FROM HOME: Are you a fee spirit who wants to work on their own? Having an ecommerce website will help you work freely in an environment created by you. Also, if you select the option of extending the capacity of remote work to any workers you hire, they’ll enjoy the similar advantages.
  3. HIGHER ENGAGEMENTS AND PROFIT: As for typical business, they have their audience at a particular geographic location. But ecommerce business let you communicate with the people all over the world. It’ll generate your online sales globally that will result in higher number of engagements and greater profit.


With a huge amount of potential customers in digital market, finding a best ecommerce platform can be a hassle. We at Affiliotech, a software house run by creative entrepreneurs are at your service. To make your business dream real. To make it go global. We can help you tackle the difficulties of ecommerce business and help you set up an engaging online store, real quick. This is how you can make your mark in online business community in a short period of time. Also it will attract and impress customers worldwide that will begin making your sales immediately.

Following the organizational trend of ecommerce, Affiliotech now handles ecommerce’s businesses and websites through its market competitive designing experts. We also offer custom guidelines, domain name registration, and online hosting to help you get digital with ease.

Our services are covering a large amount of ecommerce themes and designs. Along with this, we are currently working on several ecommerce frameworks such as:

  1. Magento: Magento is an open-source e-commerce developer built in PHP. Here we create your content in the user-friendly network. Secondly through magento ecommerce we modify messaging and content for particular client segments. Not only this, we keep our eye on its scheduled maintenance.
  2. WordPress: Wishing to generate your sales digitally with a powerful and flexible interface that is designed to grow with you? We here at Affiliotech, provide you with such empowering ecommerce themes while working on WordPress. Whether you want to create an online store, podcasts, websites or webinars, we through wordpress ecommerce will help you have a built-in optimized and responsive website.
  3. Shopify: Being a professional at Shopify, we manage everything from marketing and transaction, to safe checkout and shipping. You don’t have to worry about updating or maintaining your software, websites or web servers. Using Shopify ecommerce will give you the ease to access and run your business from anywhere, including your advance gadgets.
  4. Laravel: Laravel offers creating without stressing over little things. Covering each laravel ecosystem we help you in building advance and full stack web applications. Moreover, because of scaling-friendly nature of PHP, Laravel ecommerce will assist you in handling millions of requests per month.

Affiliotech, an ecommerce management provides top-notch webpage development and consulting. Each of our experts can help you craft a wonderful, pleasing and well-architected project.